Health benefits of Eggs & Meat

Health benefits of Quail eggs:

- Rich in amino acids

- Rich in choline

- Stronger bones, heart and eyes

- Improves immune function

- Improve memory and cognition

- Cures cough and asthma

- Lowers chances of terminal illness

- Boosts formation of red blood cells

- Management of stomach ulcer

- Improves skin color

- Prevents anemia

- Helps fight Cancer

Health benefits of Ostrich Eggs:

-The eggs of Ostrich are a better option to other poultry eggs, and that contain a lot of fiber than the chicken eggs. The eggs are slightly sweet in its flavor on cooking.

- These edible eggs are rich in Omega 3 and serve as a good heart protector.

- Including ostrich eggs in the diet is very good for the health as it is packed with proteins, and they taste very delicious too.

- It is richer and buttery in its taste as well.

Health benefits of Chicken Eggs:

-Great for eye health ...

- Excellent source of high quality protein ...

- Excellent source of choline ...

- Provides moderate amounts of fat ...

- Eggs do not cause cardiovascular disease ...

- Good source of vitamin D and phosphorus ...

- Strong hair and nails and beautiful skin ...

Health benefits of Ostrich Meat:

-Protein is abundant in ostrich meat.

-Ostrich meat has a low fat content.

-Contains few calories.

-Ostrich meat is high in iron.

-Has a low cholesterol content.

-Ostrich meat contains a lot of b vitamins.

-Is high in zinc.

-Selenium levels are high in ostrich meat.

-Healthy fats can be found in ostrich meat.

-Ostrich meat is easily digestible.